What is the Dubstep Style?

Musically I think we all have an idea what is Dubstep but is there an actual Dubstep style? Look around at the fashions at parties and the fans of the music, you will see so many different tribes being represented in the genre.


Dubstep music has its origins in London and the underground scenes of UK Garage, Jungle and Dub Sound Systems but I don’t think the style of dress or manner in which people talk has carried as far as the music. For instance in the video above the people there don’t look like they are Dub Reggae fans maybe because they aren’t wearing stereotypical clothing or using faux language to describe the music they hear.

Subscape & Rod Azlan of Dub Police

Identifying a group or a crowd is important to some people, especially companies who want to sell you something. I understand this to be a great strength to Dubstep music as it’s becoming very popular but hasn’t totally defined and structured what is Dubstep Style, yet.

If you follow Dubstep music around the world lately you would have seen words like Wob Wob, Filth and wobbler all creeping into mainstream chat. There was a time just like many other genres and trends that these words would have been only used by a few people in and around a scene.

I am mentioning this as I recently had a conversation about BMX and that most of my riding friends BITD were all fluent in California chat. By this I mean the slang that kids around the BMX scene used were primarily from California. These words are now mainstream and I don’t think they have such a strong Cali connection as they used to. I’m talking about Awesome, Radical, and the classic Sweeet.

With Dubstep music taking a real global place the fashions and styles could become an identifying mark but right now everybody could be a Dubstepper. They are everywhere.


What’s your favourite Clothing brands?


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