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Paul The Trombonist comes out with his latest video Dubstep Trombone which is an improv over a Dubstep riddim made by Paul. It’s got a real Reggae Hip Hop skanking vibes mixed with a strong bassline. I don’t think it’s one for the clubs but definitely check out Paul The Trombonist and what he’s doing with his music on his Youtube channel. He reminds me of Bass Clef the multi instrumentalist who loves a bit of Trombone.

Mixing up Dubstep with traditional instruments has worked well for the fantastic Lindsey Stirling Dubstep Violin which has reached 8 Million views in a couple of weeks.


Paul The Trombonist - Dubstep Trombone
Paul The Trombonist - Dubstep Trombone







Here’s a great one from Paul The Trombonist called Playing With Your Phone While Sitting on The Toilet.


What do you think of Dubstep Trombone?


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