Very painful to listen to – Borgore feat. Miley Cyrus – Decisions (Audio)

Looking for the new video from Borgore featuring Miley Cyrus? Go here we just posted it.

Borgore ft. Miley Cyrus - Decisions (EP)
Borgore ft. Miley Cyrus – Decisions (EP)

This is a collaboration between Miley Cyrus & Borgore and it’s probably one of the worst Dubstep songs I’ve heard for a while. Borgore sounds like Example, which is painful enough to listen to. My God the tune is so sickly cheezy it’s unbelievable.

What a load of shit.

I feel let down by Miley Cyrus who was looking quite cool lately but this song is not credible at all.


You can download this muck of a song here along with some decent remixes.


Decisions (Remixes) - EP - Borgore

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