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  After a year of building up Dubster we have now moved to the main domain We continue to post about Dubstep music and supporting the scene. Regular updates, videos, free downloads and a new members forum are available.   Check us out at     Continue Reading

  Microsoft Surface goes with a Dubstep soundtrack to the latest TV commercial following on from the great Internet Explorer 9 ad featuring Alex Clare’s Too Close. Check it out. Continue Reading

  Available for Android smartphones is an app called SwiftKey Flow that helps with typing on your device’s keyboard. The very popular application is stepping up in the advertising game with some Dubstep sounds in this new commercial.   You can download SwiftKey Flow via Continue Reading

  Awesome game Assassin’s Creed 3, which is due for release 31st October for PlayStation®3 and XBOX 360, is using a nice bit of Dubstep in the UK TV advert. The song is Imagine Dragons – Radioactive from the Hear Me EP. You can download it here.   You can buy the game here via Amazon… Continue Reading

  Sony has been promoting the new PS Vita using this Dubstep song from Madeon called Finale in the latest TV advert. Check out this video made from lots of PlayStation games.   You can download the song here   PS Vita is a brand new handheld gaming device from Sony. Continue Reading

Always pushing the boundaries of DJ equipment Pioneer now have the DDJ-SX New Performance Controller which combines some of the best in modern technology with brand new  features all in one place. Working alongside Serato software the DDJ-SX goes with the Pro DJ’s techniques to enhance a performance to the next level. Available from 1st November 2012.… Continue Reading

  Check out Rick Fresco with a live version of his new track Jesus Was A Rocker. Performed live using the Midi Fighter Controller and Abelton Live this tune rocks the Dubstep BASS.     The track will be available to download soon but check out more great videos on Rick’s YouTube channel. For more… Continue Reading

  Check out this amazing music creation tool from Korg called Kaossilator 2. Build up your tune in layers with the fully sequenced audio machine. It’s similar to the Kaoss Pads but with fresh  sounds packed including Dubstep and it fits in your pocket. It’s a mini Kaoss Pad a Dynamic Phrase Synthesizer. Just move you finger… Continue Reading

Lumia 920 is a brand new smartphone from Nokia due for release in November 2012. They are rocking some deep sub bass Dubstep in this commercial. The song is CREEP – You feat Nina Sky You can download it here. Continue Reading

  Still catching up with news of the new Pioneer CDJ-2000 Nexus Tabletop Multi Player, there’s also another brand new product coming from Pioneer called the DDJ-WeGO Controller which is bundled with Virtual DJ software. So if CD’s aren’t your thing then maybe this controller is for you. Go DJ! There’s a bit of a Dubstep breakdown… Continue Reading